Our team have a proven track record in creating bespoke solutions.

If you have a project you would like customising to your own style, challenge Venom, we guarantee to exceed your expectations.

Here at venom design we specialise in customising jetski's so that they match the unique identity of a super yacht.

Not only do we colour coordinate the seating, decking and paint, we also cater for personal electrical requirements that a client would like to add. 



The decking comes in various colours and is a light weight material. The decking will replace the original foam. The thickness of the decking applied to the jet ski is 5mm teak-eff ect boat decking, enhancing the looks whilst signifi cantly reducing the maintenance required with teak. Highest quality synthetic teak decking products:

* Low Maintenance - our PVC decking stain resistant. Simply give it an occasional wash down to keep it looking as good as new

* Safety - excellent non-slip plastic decking surface

* Durability - our teak decking is UV resistant and does not weather like real teak

* UV stable - our decking will stay looking as good as new and resistant to stains, including diesel



Venom Design’s standard seating is in a Double Stitched Connerly quilted leather Marine vinyl thread (stitching) in numerous colours All our craftsman are ex Bentley/Rolls Royce trained Many styles other than quilted are available 



The embroidery will be of the highest standard. This can be applied to the seating in various areas and generally will be in the same design as the yachts motif 



The paint will be in the highest quality Marine paint Various styles including matte and even chrome are available We can match any paint code used on the yacht



The carbon parts vary as diff erent models have diff erent parts but include rear grip bar, handle bars, instrument control panel, wing mirrors, bow trim, storage latch and starter switch



iPod Bluetooth Volume control Marine speakers Custom housing and mould’s Amplify Custom made control and volume switches 

We have previously added fridges, lighting, GPS, sumps, ladders to ski’s but this is down to personal preference and we would have to price this separately We have a lead time of 4-6 weeks 


* N.B. Venom Design performance kits can be added which improve the performance of the ski but please be aware manufacturers engine warranty will be void